Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column ‘user_network_mode’ does not exist (Android 7.1)

I was switching to another android 7.1 rom on my Galaxy Note 3 and when switching without a full data wipe┬áthe Phone service stopped working, the phone told there was no simcard available… the fix seems to be quite easy but i couldnt find it on the web.. So i thought i’ll share it so others can fix this issue easily ­čÖé
The thing with upgrading without a data wipe is that databases which already exist should be compatible with the apps in the rom… looks like some column was missing in my old database.

The following error occured:


Remove the old database and restart your phone, connect your phone and use adb to remove the old database.

After restarting the phone everything is working as expected again and simcard is being recognized again.


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  1. If your phone is rooted you can enter the commands in a terminal app and the telephony service will automatically restart, ask for your pin, and back to normal. Thanks for helping me out – awesome stuff.

  2. Thank you very much! I was getting this error after updating CM14 and didn’t know how to solve it. You saved my phone of being restored! ­čÖé

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